What is a Hound Pop?

Hound Pops are organic, frozen pupsicles for dogs!

What makes these frozen treats unique and tasty, is that they are a true popsicle! There are no fillers, no sugar, no additives, no preservatives, nothing else added put real food. And, they are produced in a Health Inspected commercial kitchen.

Our frozen dog popsicles are made with direct from Canadian farmer non-traditional proteins, Canadian organic dairy yogurt, and organic fruits and vegetables. The stick on the popsicle is an edible cookie shaped like a popsicle stick so the pet parent can feel comfortable feeding the entire product and enjoy the satisfaction of being “in the moment” with their dog.

Flavours include: Bacon & Peanut Butter, Berries & Goat Milk, Bison Liver & Blueberries, and Rabbit & Watermelon.  

The "popsicle stick" in each Hound Pop is made with organic sweet potatoes and organic turmeric which is strong enough to hold the tasty flavours by slow baking and dehydration.